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I’ve been a volunteer in SARC (Syrian Arab Red Crescent) for more than 6 years. Unfortunately in my small city (Swaida) people don’t have good understanding about social work, it’s almost in every project we do people come to us and ask us about how much we get paid for doing this, of course we explain to them that we are volunteers and tell them about the principles of our organization. This misunderstanding wasn’t that shocking for me, but the great shock was from tow days when one of my trainees told me that a taxi driver dropped him in our branch building told him that he want to volunteer in Red Crescent but he hasn’t enough money to do so cause just rich people can effort it (by the way I have no thing to do with being rich nor the volunteers in my branch except one or tow), and another one confirmed it to me from other source. This is ridicules, I can understand anyone asking me about how much we get paid because we do a really hard work and a lot of people will not do it for free, but how much I should pay to be a volunteer that’s so silly. This is no joke, we should act so fast to straight it right before it’s too late. who’s fault is this?


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